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In The Beginning

Nostalgia Cars Ogle, side viewBreaking free of its Jaguar replica origins, Nostalgia Cars has launched this Mini-based kit! If that doesn't quite sound right, then you need to understand that this isn't just any Mini based creation, but an identical replica of the wonderful Ogle Mini of the early sixties. This ultra rare special was only ever produced in turnkey form and of the 66 cars produced, it is thought just twenty-six remain.

The Nostalgia Ogle SX 1275 GT is as close to being an identical replica as possible. Using a brand new Mini floor pan produced and strengthened by Nostalgia in accordance with the original Ogle design specification. A new fiberglass body shell is bonded to the strengthened structure to complete the assembly. The resulting monocoque is exceptionally rigid and is supplied to the customer in a grey primer gel-coat finish.

The Nostalgia Ogle SX 1275 GT is a small car. But it's a small car that looks great and goes well - a perfect combination of styling and cost efficient use of proven mechanical Nostalgia Cars Ogle, back viewparts. A small car with numerous engine options.
A small car that will give you real comfort and smooth quiet motoring in a very eye catching body shape.
A small car that will impress the enthusiast with its brisk performance and aerodynamic shape. A small car with ease of parking but on the open road, can leave most others in its wake.

There are people who care about these things, people who want something different. It is for these people that Nostalgia Cars exists today. The skill of David Ogle and his design engineer, Mr. Johnson enabled them to give birth to David Ogle's dream. The original 'Ogle' was designed and built by two people seeking perfection, the same perfection that the team at Nostalgia Cars UK Ltd seek today.

In replicating that dream, Nostalgia Cars has matched the beauty of line with current modern production practices. The reputation of the Mini mechanical components, in all its guises, is already well known. Floor pan assembly and body production is carried out with an attention to detail only Nostalgia Cars Ogle, constructionavailable on individually hand crafted cars.
As previously indicated, the Ogle SX 1275 GT is of monocoque construction using a newly manufactured fully strengthened Mini floor pan to which a body of hand laid GRP finished in gel coat primer is bonded prior to dispatch to the customer.

Builders will be able to enjoy full back-up and the support which we provide for all of our customers. Surprise yourself by discovering all the exciting options that you can build into your very own piece of history - now the NC Coupe revives that dream held so fondly by David Ogle and his engineer in 1960.

In replication, the Nostalgia Coupe floor pan is strengthened in such a way that it is indistinguishable from the original 'Ogle' design. The only exception being the inclusion, for safety reasons, of roll-cage mountings. This brand new floor pan is fully jigged and produced 'in house'. A natural progression for the Company following many years of being involved in total mini body restoration for UK Nostalgia Cars Ogle, frameConcours and the Japanese market.

Each new floor pan is built to take the later type 'single bolt, dry' front sub-frame. Corrosion protection is provided using Waxoil cavity injection. Finally etch primer and two pack enamel are applied to provide a lasting, durable finish.

The replica body which is hand laid by our expert GRP fabricators to the exact dimensions of the 'Ogle' design, is grafted onto the floor pan to complete the monocoque shell and again is indistinguishable from the original car.

For the self builder, the assembled monocoque shell, doors and bonnet are supplied in grey primer gel-coat for final preparation and painting.


Length: 330cms (11ft 2ins), Height: 119cms (3ft 11ins), Width: 147cms (4ft 10ins), Track Front: 121cms (3ft 11.75ins), Track Rear: 114cms (3ft 9.9ins), Wheelbase: 230cms (6ft 8ins)

Kerb Weight: 569Kgs (1,294lbs)

Single Donor Car 'Any Mini 1959 to 1998'

Engine: Standard donor car ‘A-Series’ unit – 850cc to 1275mpi
Note: ‘A-Series’ Turbo will require modification to bulkhead
Up-grade to: Honda V-Tech Vauxhall/Opel XE

Suspension: Standard donor car
Up-grade to:Adjustable Shocks & ‘Hilos’ Standard or Lowered Coil-overs (excellent for Track Days)
Note: Coil-overs may require modification to rear inner arches

Steering: Standard donor car
Numerous proprietary up-grades and ‘fast’ racks available

Brakes: Standard donor car
Up-grade as required.

Wheels: Standard donor car 10” or 12” x 5J Mini-lite etc

The NC Coupe range is also available new, fully assembled with standard warranties at an OTR price of 20,997.00 inc.

Various up-graded specification are available on request.

The NC 1000 Coupe is fully SVA compatible in standard form.

One Stop Parts Shop

Every part required by the self-builder to complete the car to a high standard of finish is directly available from the Company at a competitive price. However, with numerous 'Mini Specialists Companies' serving the after sales market, we recognise that the experienced mini owner and builder will be sourcing parts themselves, determining their own budget by using additional donor car parts, thereby stamping individual character on their new car. The use of the standard, strengthened Mini floor pan assures builders of a trouble free assembly and guarantees high standards of 'fit', finish and performance. Modification to mechanical components is not required.

Essential items are available from our Somerset Factory to provide the customer with a stage by stage service through to completion.

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